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Landscape Design Ideas for the Winter

Landscape DesignLandscaping in itself can be a challenge to any homeowner. The key to successful landscaping is to plan ahead. Planning is essential for landscaping with every season, but especially the winter because of the challenging weather conditions. Plan for winter landscaping all year by planting essential winter plants during the spring, summer and the fall. The following advice comes from Groby Landscapes, a landscaping company based in Leicester who have for many years been brightening up Leicestershire landscapes, covering a wide range of areas landscaping in Loughborough and around the county.

When making landscaping plans for the winter, top design ideas always include adding evergreen to one’s overall design. This plant is ideal for several reason. One of those reasons being the fullness that the evergreen plant offers and another reason is the amount of color they provide. Evergreens are available in the colors of bothe blue and yellow. One more reason to use the evergreen plant is that this is a plant that will look great year round and can be worked into landscaping plans following the winter.

An important designing tip for winter landscaping is to know just because its winter, does not mean there can’t be colour. There are plants and flowers that bloom and can add a pop of colour all winter long. These plants can also transition right into spring smoothly because they bloom fine in partial and full sun exposure. Some of these plants include the pansy, the winter creeper and the ornamental cabbage. A plant that gives out a variety of bright, vibrant colours is the Primula. The colors include red, pink, violet and a lively yellow. It grows to be six inches tall and eight inches wide. If one chooses to play off of the winter theme and traditional winter colouring, the dusty miller is a promising addition to the landscaping plans. Its frosty look adds a lot of character to any garden.

One more major concern in winter landscaping plans if the trees that are now bare and without leaves. This worry can be avoided by embracing what the tree does have to offer, the bark. Having ornamental trees that may have distinctive bark characteristics that adds life to garden’s overall appearance.

Deciding on a winter landscape design involves factoring the specific climate expectations for the garden. If weather stays pretty clear and bright, one may be able to maintain a fall feel. This includes being able to incorporate hardscapes like benches and rocks to line meditation paths. When dealing with more harsh weather conditions, one might choose to incorporate ornaments that will withstand the weather.


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