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Wood or Vinyl Fencing – Which Option is Right for You?

Are you in a dilemma trying to decide whether your should install traditional wood fencing on your property or the newer, vinyl fencing? Both options have their pros and cons and there certainly is no one fence that is right for everyone. Fencing experts know that when discussing fencing options with homeowners, the main points to touch on are the objectives for the fencing, maintenance issues, aesthetics and how long the fence will be on the property. By taking a look at this objectives more closely, you should be able to decide whether you should go with a wood fence or a fence made of vinyl.

Define Your Fencing Objectives
When deciding whether you should install wood or vinyl fencing you need to consider your fencing goals. These goals can be for privacy reasons, safety, aesthetics, boundary marking or containment. Take some time to think about why you need fencing. By doing so, you can narrow down your options to make choosing the right fence easy. For instance, if you only need a basic, cheap fence to put around a shed you have on your property and don’t care about how the fence looks, a simple wood fence would probably suffice.

How Much Work are You Willing to Put into Maintaining Your Fence
This is an important question to ask yourself. Vinyl fencing is pretty much maintenance-free as you won’t have to re-paint or re-stain a vinyl fence. Plus, fencing made of vinyl does not warp or crack due to extreme temperatures like wood fencing does which means you will never have to replace pieces of your vinyl fencing that were affected by the weather. On the other hand, wood fencing requires a good deal of maintenance which includes cleaning, staining, painting and replacing lumber that’s damaged or broken.

Deciding on Aesthetics
If you’ve ever looked at vinyl products for fencing, you know that vinyl fences comes in many styles, designs and colors. This rather new type of fencing was designed to be an attractive, durable alternative to wood fencing and it is very popular among homeowners because of it’s beauty, low-maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Natural wood fencing is also beautiful and it can add a very charming touch to any property. The natural defects in the lumber make this fencing even more charming as it is reminiscent of days gone by when life was so much simpler. Everyone loves the old world appeal of a traditional white wooden picket fence. You have to decide if you want a natural wood fence or a vinyl fence that looks like wood but doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance.

Length of Time on Property
if you are planning on installing a fence where you live now but don’t think you’ll remain in that home for longer than a few years, it would probably be best to install a low cost natural wood fence. If you have your roots firmly down in your home and don’t plan on ever moving, then a more expensive, long-lasting vinyl fence would be ideal.


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