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Window Treatment Lingo

Purchasing for colors can seem frustrating. First you must decide between shades, colors, drapes and drapes, or shades. Once you have got that realized out, you need to consider what design you want and the size and type of windows they will need to fit. Since screen therapy suppliers like 3 Day Blinds have a apparently unlimited number of different choices, with regards to design and variety, it can be helpful to know a bit of the terms before you begin buying colors.

Here you will find a few explanations of search conditions you might run across outfits colors online or viewing a provider such as 3 Day Blinds.

Austrian Colour – A shade that is collected and attracted by straight shirring down both sides to create creases of billowing material.
Avalon Valance – A valance that appears like a cornice and has organized profits and material firmly connected in a turban-like design, but with swagged material.
Increase Shades – Shades that have swag-like creases at the base. They have a rounded horizontally base when attracted.
Banner Valance – Banner ad campaigns are similar to pennants and hang in triangles from supports or forums, developing “V’s”. Frequently they are outlined by drapes made from distinct materials.
Dark Out Drapery of Colour – These are drapes or colors that feature a material with blackout coating that makes it possible to prevent light from filtration through the material.
Cafe Layer – A short drapery that includes the end half of a screen.
Attractive Components – Drapery supports and other fancy accessories that hold drapes, colors, and window valances in place; such as headscarf jewelry, medallions, turned posts, and tiebacks.
Drapery – Long screen includes, usually covered and revoked from supports.
Finial – An attractive item that suits over the end of a drapery rod.
Smooth Roman Colour – A more designed shade that is flat with soft pleats developing at the end as it’s attracted.
Grommets – A steel band with a front and a back that suits into another band that is placed on material to form a band opening that slips over the drapery rod, making it easy to move the drapes.
Going – The top of a drapery is known as the headlines but how it is finished is called the heading. Titles may be pleated, collected, shirred, tie or tab top, rod wallet, simply, decorative, smocking, or shirring.
Lining – Fabric that is behind the face material in a curtain or shade that helps secure and secure the material from damage and removal.
Sconce – A item of drapery hardware that maintains headscarf window valances and other casual therapies in position. Associate are installed on the wall.
Camping swag – These are colors for above the screen that decorate in cres forms and can be used in a official or casual manner, with associated with flows.
Tapestry – These are heavy hand weaved made of wool or soft silk drapes, denoting a landscape, florals, or paisley styles.
Valance – Window top therapies that can separate or feature current curtains or colors.
Window Top Treatment – These are therapies used together with window valances and cornices. They are often known as “toppers.”

Whether you are working with an interior decorator or shopping at a colors store like 3 Day Blinds, having a good understand of this basic terms will help ensure you get the colors that are right for you.

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