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Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners For Mold Removal

imagesIf you own a house that has mold, or you are having mold removal services performed-or if you’re in the mold removal business-the obvious objective is to get rid of the mold growth and avoid upcoming reproduction or air contamination. Sometimes that’s a lot simpler said than done, though, and many times the mold returns back after a few months. While this is usually due to a wetness source, a leak, etc that wasn’t discovered or fixed, one factor you can do to considerably cut down on any possibilities of mold re-growing or recurring remediation measures is to use something that destroys the mold spores and hinders their capability to reproduce: that would be germicidal UV light air purification techniques installed in the AC ducts.

UV light has been used for many years to clean just about everything from water to things in the medical care and health care sectors, as well as laboratories and many other programs where complete disinfection is necessary. And placing these ultra violet lighting in air conditioners does much the same thing: given that you do have lab-grade UV lighting in the product, these air cleaning solutions cause any viruses or mold that drift by to come in contact with high stages of UV-C light rays, which damages the structure of cell of most viruses and mold spores, and damages their DNA, making them not capable of reproducing. So it would appear sensible that if you’re trying to get rid of mold or any other type of fungus to have something regularly eliminating any staying mold spores that could be in the air after removal therapies have been conducted. Obviously creating sure that any sources of unwanted wetness have been eliminated is very essential, but creating sure any staying mold spores are murdered is an essential phase to creating sure it doesn’t come again.

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