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Tips to clean a camping stove when you are in home

camping stove cleaningThe craze of camping is at its peak during the winter season and campers are all set to enjoy the experience. There are certain items which you need to carry with you while going for camping and major among them is camping stove like jetboil flash. But when you peep into your store room to find the old camping stove which you kept last year after returning from camp, you find yourself in a complete mess. Either you don’t get it or you find it in a very bad condition. We are right here to share with you some tips to clean a camping stove when you are in home.

Tip 1:  Make sure to clean your camping stove properly after its use. This will keep it away from build up on the burners. Make it a habit of cleaning it at regular interval when you are not using for a longer duration. Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water. Squeeze it and then wipe the surface well with liquid soap.  Dry the stove before you finally pack it for storing.

Tip 2:  To make an in depth cleaning of the stove, you can open up the burner screws to give a check whether there is any liquid or food stuck inside it. If you find some accumulation then just clean it completely with liquid soap, warm water and then dry it and wipe well before storing.

Tip 3: In case the condition of the stove is bit messy and you can see high volume of built up not only on the burner but also inside it, then it’s an alerting situation. Your stove needs high pressure cleaning just like a car wash. Once washing done all you need to do is to make your stove upside down so that there no water left inside it. If this step is not done then rust can come up affecting the performance of the stove.

Tip 4: This is one of the vital steps which we are going to share with you. You need to store your stove with care and for that pack it in a plastic bag and close the bag tightly so that there is no space for any insects to enter and remains air tight. This will also help towards protecting it from rust.

Tip 5: If this is the first time when you are cleaning your camping stove then take help of the manual of the stove and follow its instruction strictly for cleaning.


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