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Classic Coffee

classic-coffeeCoffee lovers know that a great cup of coffee can make a big difference in how your day unfolds. Why suffer through mediocre or even downright bad coffee when you are virtually guaranteed a great cup of coffee every time when you use an on demand brewing system such as one from Keurig®. The K-cup® compatible models give you the ability to enjoy the widest range of regular and decaffeinated coffee roasts, flavors and blends along with tea, hot chocolate and more, all for just pennies a cup.

Savor coffee from top brands like Donut House in K-Cup format along with great coffee from Gloria Jean’s®, Starbucks® and more. On demand brewing systems make it easy for anyone to produce barista-style coffee with the press of a button, all in a minute or less.

No matter the maker, most on demand brewing systems work along the same basic lines – they have a water reservoir which can be filled with tap or bottled water and they require access to an electrical outlet. Unlike conventional coffee makers, there is no coffee pot, warming plate or thermal carafe; instead the coffee brews directly into your cup, mug or glass. This means it is always fresh and hot – it can’t be bitter or burned.

On demand coffee makers open up a world of hot beverage options because each cup is individually brewed – this makes it easy to switch back and forth between regular and decaffeinated coffees and teas. They are also great when you have company, especially if you are not sure what they might prefer to drink. With K-Cup® variety and sampler packs it’s easy to cover all the bases for only pennies a cup.

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