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Differences between mountain gardening and gardening in the tropics

Differences between mountain gardening and gardening in the tropicsAt first glance, the climate in the mountains is much cooler and difficult for gardening, but the conditions in the tropics have their own unique disadvantages too. On the other hand, these two completely different areas of the world offer plenty of benefits and actually, they are friendly for growing some specific plants and species. The requirements for garden maintenance are different, the maturing and the harvest periods are different – just about everything is different. let`s take a look:

What to do when gardening in a mountain region:

– Make yourself a schedule for garden maintenance. Include activities that should take place every month, every week or on a seasonal basis. The most important thing is to know when begins the first frost.

– Include the following important highlights in your maintenance schedule:
A) A regular garden spraying in the summer, because the terrains with a southern exposure get more sunlight and thus they require a frequent watering throughout the hot months.
B) A thorough raking of the garden after harvest, which will help get rid of the debris and the unwanted plants.
C) Highlight the days in the winter with the heaviest snowfalls expected, as well as include activities such as brushing the snow of the biggest branches to avoid breaking, of the gutters, of the patio, etc.

– Begin with starting plants for most veggies that you plan to saw. You will need from two to four weeks for the starting plants and another great tip is to acclimate them before transplanting outdoors. Make sure to transplant when there is no risk of extremely low temperature in the nights.

– After harvest – collect and put off aside only the best seeds of your favorite plants for the next season.

– In the beginning of the summer, spend at least one good weekend for garden pruning. Get rid of the bent and broken branches, as well as unwanted bushes and shrubs. Pay more attention to the slopes with a northern exposure, as the trees see the heaviest snowfalls, the most powerful winds and respectively – the lowest temperatures in the winter.

What to do when gardening in a tropical region:

– Pest control is essential for the warm regions, especially when the nighttime temperature is favorable for most bugs and insects. Call the gardening experts in your region to help with the issues.

– In the beginning of the year, prepare the big outdoor lawn for the new season by trimming and hedging. Do some lawn restoration and repair exercises for the damaged areas. Lawn mowing is another essential step that should be scheduled more frequently. Another great tip is to start sawing the veggies for early harvest and especially the ones in a close proximity to the lawn.

– The tropical areas are perfect for planting tropical trees and bushes. From tropical fruits to tropical flowers – there are plenty of opts, of which you want to take full advantage. The perfect tropical plants in your garden will provide lush colors and exuberant shapes, which characterize these warm regions. It`s also recommended to plant veggies that grow in hot conditions, such as beans, rosemary and peppers.

– The mid-summer is good to make some transplants of flowers. Pruning should take place in the early mornings when the temperature is still not that overwhelming. If you transplant for growing in an indoor garden or if you expose the new plants on a direct sunlight, then keep the garden spraying on a frequent and/or regular basis.

– Start the winter sawing directly outdoors. Pick up only the best seeds and plant veggies such as cabbages, lettuces and radishes. They tolerate the cooler temperature and the best thing is that the maturing period is short.


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